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s●es on the table dance excitedly, were the da▓ily accompaniments of our gatherings.Yet Pete▓, with all his bellow, was the e●xact antithesis of his brother.He had

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sp●ent years before the mast and had been▓ rated an excellent sailor, befo▓re he drifted into Marseilles and becam▓e the understudy of unscrupulous Joe.He was ▓as slow of wit as the seamen who▓ quailed before his wife’s bleary eye—●and as for tact! The only influenc▓e or coercion which Pete could brin●g to bear on those of his fellow-men w▓ho did not heed the roar of his mighty voice wer●e his no less mighty fists.Mor

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of sharp demand for ●sailors, he had generously served Pete w●ith “kno

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?dragge●d him on board a ship bound for t▓he fever-infected, west-African c▓oast, and made merry with the two months’ ad▓vance offered for any seaman that could be▓ captured.But Joe let himself

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be caught onl

y● in the glare of daylight and on t●he public squares, and there the wrath o▓f Pete and many another who had fought his w●ay back to Marseilles with the avowe●d intention of throttling the rasca

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ed, had vanished at the sound of▓ that 93oily tongue.Pete was kind-hea●rted and prodigal by nature, and years in t▓he forecastle had by no means cured him of▓ these faults.Those who kne▓w told ta

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  • llen on Marseilles and, l●ike my fellow-boarders, I alwa?/p>

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